Swap Meets – A Fun Way To Make Money On The Weekends

Searching for an approach to bring in additional cash, meet bunches of intriguing individuals, invest quality energy with your family, appreciate nature … also, do everything without missing a day of work? Or on the other hand possibly you will likely make a multi day ends of the week the main working days of the week. You might have the option to do the entirety of that and more as a Swap Meet/Flea Market advertiser!

15 Shopping Tips at Flea Markets & Swap Meets - What to Do & What to Avoid

You can discover routinely booked Swap Meets and Flea Markets in urban communities and towns of all sizes the country over, each pulling in a large number, even a great many deal trackers. They might be held at the nearby drive-in theater, in enormous parking garages, distribution centers, parks, and public venues – pretty much anyplace there’s sufficient space to set up certain stalls and acquire a group. Most of the time these meets are hung on ends of the week, in spite of the fact that in certain areas you can discover them beginning on Thursdays and running four back to back days. Flea markets and swap meets are fun, productive, and can be an extraordinary take off platform for your business. Numerous individuals who started with Swap Meet deals have proceeded to open Gift Shops, or run sizeable Mail Order organizations.


As indicated by our FAR HORIZONS Business Coaching staff, there are really three particular kinds of Swap Meets.

Note: (in light of a legitimate concern for straightforwardness, from here on in when we state “Flea markets,” we’re likewise alluding to swap meets, make fairs, and comparable occasions as noted beneath).

1.Outdoor Swap Meets

These generally run the array regarding stock. Here, you can discover anything from very good quality sound systems to form adornments to families getting out Auntie Emma’s carport of old devices, toys, and different parts and pieces from who-recognizes what. Customarily these occasions pull in people searching for some bigtime limits and deals.

2.Indoor “Shopping centers”

These typically draw in a progressively proficient class of advertiser. The showcases will in general be progressively composed in appearance, and the product is for the most part of a reliably higher caliber all through the meet. As opposed to tables there might be stalls, and every advertiser will in general have some expertise in explicit item classifications.

3.Craft Fairs

These might be held inside or outside; you’ll see them in parks, or as a major aspect of a nearby festival, finance raiser, region reasonable, or other comparative occasion. Generally the advertisers¬†some ideas show their products from stalls, and the contributions can shift from hand crafted to high-ticket, (or custom made and high-ticket) contingent upon the area.


We’ve gotten notification from scores of fruitful Swap Meet merchants throughout the years, and they reveal to us that the two most significant things you can carry with you are:

1. A well disposed, perky mentality.

2. Ability to trade and “play the game.”

As one part puts it, “Individuals come to shop at Swap Meets searching for a deal, and they come since it’s good times. So I keep a grin all over and I’m generally prepared to go into the dealing game. I have my ‘main concern’ cost as a main priority, and I don’t go underneath it – yet I’m continually ready to give a little on the first asking cost. That way my client likes the buy, I despite everything make a decent benefit. We both come out victors.”

Whatever sort of Swap Meet you decide in any case, there are some straightforward, fundamental advances you’ll have to take before the occasion, during the occasion, and after the occasion.

We should begin with … indeed, the start!


1. In the first place, discover where the nearby Swap Meets are, in the event that you don’t as of now have a clue. This shouldn’t be excessively hard; they ordinarily promote in nearby papers, and in giveaway magazines you can discover in accommodation store racks. Littler meets may not promote, however on the off chance that you check with the neighborhood drive-ins, or let your fingers do some strolling through the telephone registry, you should discover a few.

2. Next, scout the meet yourself. Investigate, watching the tables and stalls with an advertiser’s eye. What are the sellers conveying? All the more critically, what aren’t they conveying? What are they charging?

3. Save a table (or corner, by and large). Do this by reaching the meet supervisor, who will give you evaluating, alongside a rundown of rules and guidelines you should follow when showcasing at the meet. The expense for leasing space at a Swap Meet changes broadly, from a couple of dollars daily to considerably more, contingent upon the meet. Attempt to start at a modest yet very much went to meet, so you can keep your underlying money expense as low as could be expected under the circumstances.